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Google’s Project Tango: An Android Phone to map the World

Google’s Project Tango: An Android Phone to map the World

Project tango is a limited number smartphone that google is handing out to 200 developers. Starting in march, the smartphone will contain a kinect-like camera to see and some experimental guts to see the world in a whole new way. It’s like a 3d scanning smartphone. Whoa

Googles Project Tango is an experimental smartphone

Project Tango comes out of the Advanced Technology and Projects group that…

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Microsoft’s Cortana will merge best of Siri, Google Now

Microsoft’s Cortana will merge best of Siri, Google Now

Microsoft has been late to the game: first with smartphones, then apps, and now the same could be said about digital assistance. That could change sas Sources close to a secret project which Microsoft hopes will take the best of Siri and Google now

Called Cortana, the voice assistant will come to light in an update to windows phone 8.1 and will replace the entire Bing feature set. Sources close…

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NASA finds ocean on Saturns moon

NASA finds ocean on Saturns moon

Enceladus one of Saturns many moons, has been discovers to contain , “a large underground ocean of liquid water.” NASA believe the moon may be a candidate for potential extraterrestrial life.

Enceladus has long been excluded from considerations of housing potential life due to its lack of life-giving elements. It’s planetary siblings, Titan and Europa have long been top of the list for many…

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Amazon’s Fire TV is Also a Killer Gaming Box

The Amazon Fire TV is here, and its secretly a Gaming Powerhouse

Amazon has finally dropped its long rumoured answer to streaming box.  The Amazon Fire TV is set to compete against the Apple TV, Roku and ChromeCast box - and it has one distinct, secret advantage: It’s also going to take a run against Xbox and play video games.


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Device Aims to Augment your 3D TV

Device Aims to Augment your 3D TV with social news, commentary, and more all floating in mid air —->

A new KickStarter project is promising to turn 3D TV into “the world’s first augmented television”. Its designed to take your 3DTV and use that layers you see in front of you and turn them into information. The developers call it l “a Minority Report-like experience.” 3D TV just got an upgrade.


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